Kazakhstan: Alsara Goes All Modest

25 Jan

In a rare moment of modesty for a member of Kazakhstan’s ruling elite, Aliya Nazarbayeva’s top- end jewellery line, Alsara, is now being promoted in Almaty with an image of a piece from the collection rather than featuring Aliya as a model.

Alsara billboard in downtown Almaty without Aliya Nazarbayeva

Aliya Nazarbayeva teamed up with Italian jewellers Damiani in 2011 to produce Alsara, an exclusive collection of 30 diamond-studded pieces. The brand is a combination of the names of Aliya and her mother Sara and is aimed at Kazakhstan’s high-rollers with prices ranging from 15,000 to 70,000 euros. Here’s how the collection was being promoted.

Aliya Nazarbayeva promotes her Alsara jewellery brand


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