Qazaqstan’s great leap forward (backward)

13 Nov

Following the great success of President Nazarbayev’s Latinisation project,
the visionary Central Asian leader has taken another bold step to bring his
country closer to Europe: he has proposed the adoption nationwide of Central
European time. ‘This is a fundamental reaffirmation of our president’s
commitment to European values,’ his spokesperson told Kazaxia. ‘It is a
great leap forward – well actually backwards.’

Clocks in Astana are due to move 5 hours backwards on 1 January 2018, while
those in the west by the Caspian Sea will move 4 hours backwards.

Commentators in the pro-government media have hailed the initiative. ‘A
timely move’ was the headline in the English-language Steppe Times.

The well-known Central Asian expert, skilled election monitor and financial
advisor to many in the region, Lord Venal, was also admiring of the move.
‘This means when I come out of a nightclub in Astana on the arm of a
charming young lady, it will be only midnight! The night will be as young as
I am!’


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