Uzbekistan: The Golden Road to Democracy

22 Dec

Lord Venal has been in Tashkent to observe the unprecedented democratic changes taking place in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan goes to the polls today in its most vibrant and competitive election ever. Since the arch reformer Shavkat Mirziyoyev took the reins in 2016, this central Asian powerhouse has seen unprecedented reforms that have unleashed the full potential of this sleeping giant.


Voters flock to the polls in Uzbekistan

I have been fortunate to witness up close the dawning of democracy in this once dark state. Uzbekistan now has a true multi-party democracy with cheerleaders from around the globe urging it on to ever greater reform.


Lord Venal gets into the spirit of  things for the elections in Uzbekistan

I will be telling my good friend BoJo to look east as we finally exit the evil shackles of the European Union. It is the rising powers of Asia, such as Uzbekistan, who will be the partners of the future for the United Kingdom of England and Wales, not tired old Europe.


Uzbek plov to UK in post-Brexit trade deal?


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