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Kazakhstan: Going for BROKE?

5 May

With Kazakhstan being touted as a future member of GoGUN, as revealed exclusively on Kazaxia by Lord Venal last week, rumours are rife as to which other international groupings the country could be aspiring to.

It has been quite a ride to go from the Group of Babyish States (GoBS) to GoGUN in just 20 years. Admittedly, there were some tough times as the country languished in the limbo of the Group of States Transitioning Internationally (GoSTI), but fortunately those days are now receding rapidly into the dim and distant past.

A few years ago analysts were speculating that Kazakhstan would provide the ‘K’ to turn BRIC (the informal grouping of Brazil, Russia, India and China) into a real word. This never materialised, but now an exciting new bloc is on the agenda – BROKE – which could see Kazakhstan joining forces with the emerging economies of Belarus, Rwanda, Oman and Egypt.

On a similar note, Lord Venal reports overhearing interested parties at a recent diplomatic shindig denying plans for Kazakhstan to join up with Cambodia, Oman and Chad. They also denied that links were being forged with Djibouti, Iran and Columbia. It was suggested by diplomatic insiders that these groupings were more up Kyrgyzstan’s street.