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Make their Money Work Harder with Venal Kleptis Offshore

13 Apr

With the sad demise of Mossack Fonseca’s offshore arrangements following the revelations in the Panama Papers about where the rich and infamous stash their ill-gotten gains, Lord Venal is pleased to announce that he is teaming up with¬†Kleptis Kapital, a North Cyprus-based offshore financial group, to provide bespoke money hiding services.

Security from the prying eyes of the taxman and other assorted busybodies – that is what¬† the Venal Kleptis Offshore (VKO) fund can offer to canny investors. You’ve spent years avoiding taxes, creaming off money from various sources and laundering it and that is why we want to ensure that their money works the hardest it can for you.

VKO uses the latest encryption security to ensure that your dirty laundry will never be aired in public. Put your trust in VKO and we’ll do the rest to help your savings grow and grow.


Vlad Rutin (Judo teacher, Russia) “Whilst I have no money myself, I advised my good friend, cellist Serge Doldugin to invest some of his billions in Venal Kleptis Offshore and I’m pleased to say that he has no regrets about this decision.”

Radiga Aliyeva (Singer, Kazakhstan) “Venal Kleptis have some most attractive vehicles for me to stash my late husband’s ill-gotten gains in.”

Dave Cameron (Plumber, UK) “Whether I have now or at any time benefitted from funds invested in VKO is purley a private matter.”