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Welcome to Kazakhstan!

1 Apr

After a long flight, what better welcome can there be than a foaming cup of kumis, fermented mare’s milk, and a baursaki or two, a tasty savoury doughnut?

These staples of Kazakh cuisine have been offered to visitors arriving in Taldykurgan International Airport in a trial scheme reminiscent of Georgia’s freebie bottle of wine for new arrivals.

Now plans are being considered to roll out the kumis and baursaki welcome to other airports in this Central Asian country, that prides itself on its hospitality, from 1 April.

Lord Venal himself tried the treat when he arrived recently to observe the elections in March.
“It was a lovely gesture to be offered such a refreshing pick-me-up on arrival,” Lord Venal told kazaxia.

“I’m all in favour of expanding this superb initiative and might I suggest Kazakhstan follow Georgia’s lead and offer a bottle of Arba wine from the Assa Valley?” he added as he wandered off in search of a cosy bar.