Qazaqstan: Hunt is on for Head of State Hoaxer (#hoshoaxer)

11 Mar

11 March 2020

The hunt is on in for an elderly gentleman who has been masquerading as Qazaqstan’s head of state at various events around the world in recent months.

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 17.48.49

Vlad and Yelbasy (aka #hoshoaxer) take in the last instalment of “The Way of the Leader,” a multi-part epic about Qazaqstan’s first president, following an argument over whose turn it was to buy the popcorn

The most recent sighting of the septagenarian trickster, who goes by the name of Yelbasy, was in Moscow  earlier today, when he popped in to see President Putin for a friendly chat about succession versus prolongation.

Yelbasy is said to working out of a library in Qazaqstan’s capital Nur-Sultan, from where he plans his forays into top-table meet-ups.

According to an unofficial spokesperson for the actual head of state, President Qassym-Jomart Tokayev, Yelbasy was sent along to the meet Putin as President Tokayev was otherwise engaged attending the opening of a horsemeat processing facility in Kyzylorda.


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