Inspirational New Kleptis Book Series: Magnarum Rerum™

25 Oct

kazaxia has news of another inspirational new Kleptis book series: Magnarum Rerum™

As the gift-exchanging season approaches, what better way to inspire your friends than with the new series Magnarum Rerum™ of Latin translations of the works of Central Asia’s inspirational leaders?

Following in Vladimir Putin’s bold footsteps, Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev – memorably dubbed the “Cicero of the Steppes” by his faithful biographer Jonathan Aitken – finds his true voice in these translations, where the presidential words echo sonorously and timelessly and bring out the profundity of thought.

Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov – dubbed “Berdy the Bard” by his adoring populace – has not only his lofty speeches rendered into elegant Latin, but his songs too, complete with ancient musical notation for those who wish to perform them.

Lord Venal, the founder of what promises to be a highly successful series, rejects suggestions it is merely an imitation of the recent Orationis Selectae of Vladimir Putin’s works. “Maior e longinquo reverentia, as we were taught in my rather minor public school,” the learned Lord exclaims. 

Plucking another memory from his far-off schooldays, he turns to the barman who is dilatory in bringing his cocktail. “Vel mihi ede potum vel mihi redde nummos meos!” His companion smiles meekly.


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