Kleptis Inspirational Books in Translation™

4 Oct

4 October 2018

Sometimes books just cry out to be translated, as nations unfamiliar with inspirational classics linger unjustly in the darkness of ignorance. Kleptis has now stepped in to meet the challenge with a new range of books to be translated from English into the five main Central Asian languages.

The first two books in the new series form a unique double-bill, the first and second editions of a rare book, published by Pelican Books in Scarfolk with cover designs by the inimitable Richard Littler.

“I’ve often been bothered by pesky books that spread complete lies about one,” Lord Venal wrote in his endorsement of the new series. “I was enjoying a cocktail with Emomali the other day and he said exactly the same. These books clearly have resonance here in the region.”

The new series complements the highly sought-after and inspirational collection of translations from the Central Asian languages into English of presidential memoirs, speeches and guides to rallying in desert conditions. “No home should be without this collection proudly adorning one’s shelves,” Lord Venal adds.

“I feel both these series will make a crucial contribution to international understanding, just as my encounters with young people, particularly of the opposite sex, achieve on the personal level,” the modest Lord ventured.

Disclaimer: For reasons unconnected to Kleptis, some books in the series might not be available to purchasers within Central Asia.



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