Venal in Psychic Spat with Saiga

16 Jun

16 June 2018

Lord Venal has reacted angrily to Psychic Saiga’s predictions for the group stage.

After the saiga dissed hosts Russia’s chances he dubbed the long nosed antelope with supposed psychic powers “Psychedelic Saiga” – a reference to the magic mushrooms that are part of the saiga diet.

A shamanistic spokesperson for Psychic Saiga told the good lord: “to hold onto his horses. Russia put five past Saudi Arabia but that doesn’t mean they’ve actually won the cup yet,” in remarks emailed to kazaxia.

He alluded to a secret weapon called “the Salah” that Egypt is expected to unleash against the Russians next week. He made no comment on Morocco’s slim chances after their last minute defeat to Iran.

Turning to groups C and D, Psychic Saiga is tipping France and Peru to advance along with Argentina and Croatia.

As for the remaining groups, here’s how the visionary saiga sees it:

Group E: Germany and Mexico

Group F: Brazil and Switzerland

Group G: Belgium and England

Group H: Columbia and Poland




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