Kyrgyzstan: Venal Barred from Bishkek Vote

13 Oct

13 October 2017

Seasoned election observer Lord Venal is heartbroken after Kyrgyzstan refused him entry to observe Sunday’s upcoming presidential poll.

Atambayev'den Kırgızca açıklaması

In lieu of a photo of President Atambayev gardening we’ve found this pic of him in a very fetching bit of headgear

The Kyrgyz apparently refused entry to the good lord after he had queued for 16 hours on the border in Kazakhstan. They accused the Venal-controlled kazaxia website of a pro-Kazakhstan bias for not publishing any images of incumbent president Almazbek Atambayev honing his horticultural skills in its popular ‘Gardening Dictator’ series.

Kyrgyzstan’s presidential vote is wildly expected to be a two-horse race between Jenny Bekov and Baba Nova that may go to a second round in November.

The green-fingered soon to be ex-president has allegedly said that he will devote himself to gardening after he stands down.


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