Lenin on the Train

6 Oct

6 October 2017

Welcome to kazaxia’s occasional book club series which will look at titles we think will be of interest to our readers. With the centenary of Russia’s October Revolution fast approaching, we’ve selected Catherine Merridale’s fascinating account of  Lenin’s journey back from exile to the heart of revolutionary Russia in the spring of 1917.


Delving deep into the archives, Merridale meticulously reconstructs Lenin’s journey in April 1917 from neutral Switzerland across the enemy territory of Germany into neutral Sweden and back into the Russian Empire via Finland, at that time an autonomous part of the empire.

Lenin arrived back to a Petrograd, now once again called St Petersburg, in the grip of revolution – the Czar had been deposed in February 1917, and this tale follows his odyssey from obscurity – at the time he was a relatively unknown revolutionary in Russia,  to heading the Bolshevik Revolution that seized control of the Russian Empire in the tumultuous events of October 1917.



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