Turkmenistan: President Cleans up at Indoor Melon Games

18 Sep

18 September 2017

The sporting event of the year that the world has been waiting for with bated breath is finally upon us as the Indoor Melon Games opens its doors to the public in Turkmenistan.


Nervous contestants compare their melons ahead of the 100m melon dash               (image taken from: https://www.inwhatlanguage.com/turkmenistan-melon-day-farmers/)

After years of painstaking preparations, the games, which are thought to have cost in the region of $25 billion, are finally ready for the off. The stadium, built in the shape of an oversized melon, has a seating capacity of 120,000.


A jubilant double-fisting president celebrates after winning the 100m melon dash                     (Igor Sasin / AFP)

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov caused an upset in the 100m melon dash when he appeared from nowhere to leave his compatriots, holding a single melon each hand, for dust.

Quite a feat when you consider that he was nestling two melons in his arms.


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