Venal’s Safe Haven: Caribbean Concerns Allayed: Nothing Lost

12 Sep

13 September 2017

We have all watched with concern and dismay the devastating impact of the hurricanes and storms sweeping through the Caribbean. Lord Venal has expressed his extreme distress, as someone who knows and loves these picturesque island paradises, of which he is a staunch friend and supporter. He recalls how he was only recently in the idyllic British Virgin Islands.

He knows of the wide concerns across Central Asia as television pictures of the destruction spread. He received calls from his good friends and colleagues as far afield as Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, highly concerned – if not distressed – at the destruction.

Having re-established contacts on the stricken islands, Lord Venal can now reassure all those worried people that their investments in Kleptis Anonymous Investment Fund (BVI) and Kleptis Away from Prying Eyes Fund are absolutely secure and any such concerns can be completely allayed.



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