Kazakhstan: Boozers Mull Civil Damage Claim Over Pig Poster

19 Nov

The All Kazakhstan Union of Boozers and Imbibers (AKUBI) is mulling a moral damage claim after posters appeared on Almaty streets claiming that the consumption of alcohol turns people into pigs.

“As a muzhik I like to have a few drinks to help myself unwind. I was shocked and humiliated when I saw one of my favourite pastimes denigrated in such a fashion,” an anonymous drinker told kazaxia last night in the Golden Pug Bar and Grill, referring to the pig poster.


“As an ardent supporter of AKUBI, I will be taking up the case with my local rep. If those people from the Kurmangazy Conservatory can get a million [tenge] each for their hurt feelings, then I feel, as a boozer, that I am entitled to similar compensation.” [Editor’s note: For more on the Kurmangazy/Pushkin gay kiss click here]



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