Lord Venal in Azeri Smear Campaign

10 Oct

Lord Venal has hit back angrily at a smear campaign aimed at discrediting his recent observer mission to Azerbaijan’s presidential elections. Opposition activists posted images online of a naked gentleman at an airport who they claimed was Lord Venal. It was claimed that the seasoned observer had been turfed off Kleptis Air flight KP 119 from Baku to Ercan, Northern Cyprus for being drunk and disorderly.

Image posted by activists allegedly showing Lord Venal at Baku airport.

Lord Venal denies categorically that the man in the photograph is him. The good Lord had been in Baku for a brief visit to observe the election, which he found to be ‘all above board’. He praised the innovative use of new technology which saw an app unveiled that would save people the need to vote in future. He was also touting for business for Kleptis Petroleum, who paid all the costs of his trip.



One Response to “Lord Venal in Azeri Smear Campaign”


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