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Kazakhstan: The Nightingale to Fly the Nest?

4 Apr

Kazakhstan has been rocked by the news that top pop duo Nan and his Nightingale are to split after a glittering  15-year association. The Nightingale, aka Yermukhamet Kabidinovich Yertysbayev,  is said to be leaving on a midnight train to Georgia, where he will take up a position as a solo Beatles impersonator.

Meanwhile, Nan will continue alone – just one man and his dombra.

Kazakhstan: Kleptys Denies Criticizing Elections

19 Jan

In the light of President Nazarbayev’s statement on 18 January that hired experts “who criticize our elections” will be barred from observing future polls in Kazakhstan, Kleptys Oil and Gas (KOG) has asked Kazaxia to publish this press release (for a small consideration).

Kleptys Oil and Gas (KOG) vehemently deny the allegation that its hired  observer, Lord Venal, was critical of the recent election in Kazakhstan.

It is not the policy of KOG to criticize elections in nations where it hopes to earn lucrative contracts. KOG is not a greedy company and will accept any slice of the pie, however miniscule it may be.

Lord Venal found the election to be totally free and fair along with those esteemed superpower democracies Russia and China, and the CIS observer mission.