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Blair Duped by Gaddafi Shocker

15 Nov

Recently unveiled advisor to the Kazakh government, Tony Blair, appears to have been misled by late Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi over promises to destroy stockpiles of chemical weapons.

According to The Guardian

The size of the stockpile – including mustard gas – suggests Gaddafi totally misled Tony Blair when he promised to destroy weapons of mass destruction in return for being brought back in from the diplomatic cold in 2004.

Only a few days ago Blair was still in denial about his dealings with Gaddafi

At the weekend Blair, speaking on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, defended the British rapprochement with Gaddafi on the basis that he had abandoned his weapons of mass destruction.

The Kazakh authorities must be pleased about the millions being showered over Blair and his Dream Team of 1997. He was easily duped by Gaddafi so the Astanites should have no trouble in stringing Tony along and letting him spin their message for them – all in all, money well spent.

Astana seems to be infatuated with UK politicians having already employed the services of former jailbird Jonathan Aitken to write President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s biography. Who’s next on Astana’s shopping list – what about utilising the senile first lady of UK politics Margaret Thatcher?