Kazakhstan: Yellow Vests – Nothing to Fear

18 Dec

Kazakhstan has poured scorn on the Egyptian model of banning the sale of yellow hi-vis vests for fear of the people. In a characteristic twist, Kazakhstan’s political leadership – far from quaking in their boots at the sight of people on the streets sporting the hi-vis jackets – insists that they are a symbol of the population’s helpfulness.

“The Leader of the Nation never go out without his hi-vis vest, he’s always on the look-out for someone in need,” an Akorda spokesperson told a French journalist recently (albeit in the warmth of the Akorda royal palace). “When you see Emmanuel, tell him how different Kazakhs are, out on the street ever ready to help someone in need.”


Topping everyone’s list of helpful people in hi-vis vests are the sturdy members of the police force. In all weathers they are out and about, always ready to lend anyone in need a helping hand.


“I have often been helped on my way home by a smiling copper or two,” Lord Venal – long familiar with the streets of Kazakhstan’s cities – told Kazaxia. “Sometimes as dawn is breaking after one or two cocktails in a charming nightclub, I have become separated from my young companion and struggle to find my way home. But the charming young coppers never fail to step forward.”

Some Kazakhs point out the rare exception to this rule. “A few young folk like to walk around the streets with hi-vis jackets with the word ‘PRESS’ plastered on the back,” Masimov Karimov told Kazaxia. “That’s not really a very good idea.”



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