“Let them Eat Cake”

29 Jan

29 January 2018

Qazaqstan’s Marie Antoinette Cake Making Institute in Astana has praised the recent attention in the media and social media to the long-prized art of making and consuming lavish cakes.


“We should all admire and applaud the 1,500-kilogram cake recently consumed in Shymkent – even if it was made by a Russian,” the Institute’s gateaumeister, Immodest Tortuly, told Kazaxia. “Next time such an impressive cake will be made here in Qazaqstan. We echo the famous words of Marie Antoinette, who maintained that cakes were for everyone, not just the rich.”

kazaxia asked Mr Tortuly if he was aware what happened to Marie Antoinette. “Tell me, what did happen to her?” he asked.


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