Once Upon a Time in Amerika

20 Jan

20 January 2018

Qazaqstan’s diplomats in Washington deny absolutely that novice president Trump used an offensive word to their visiting president in their White House encounter, kazaxia has learnt.

don_and _nureke

What did the president just say?!?

“Trump did not use that word,” they insisted. “He may lack the long years of experience of our leader, but would not dream of insulting our great and wonderful homeland known throughout the world as a beacon of tolerance and human rights which people are striving to enter, not to flee.”

Diplomats also denied reports that Trump intended to build a wall between Qazaqstan and the United States. “This would not stop enterprising Americans managing to reach Qazaqstan to seek refuge,” one Qazaqstani diplomat joked. “Our banks are already full of money stashed by worried Americans seeking a safe haven.”


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